With the Dondè Art Gallery Franchise an investment in art is simply possible

Would you like to invest in the art of Dondè?

We are looking for a business partner preferably in the city of Como, or in other historical Italian cities to evaluate.

The ideal location of the shop (with a surface area of 30-50 sqm) is in the shopping streets, historical centres and high transit areas, if you need it we will help you to choose the right location in an exclusive area.

Open your Dondè gallery in franchising with no entrance fee, no royalties on turnover and no minimum purchase obligation.

To give you the best support we will create promotional marketing material designed specifically for our customers, we will support you with high management and sales training for you and your staff, continuously throughout the life of your franchise, so as to ensure the best results.

If you are interested please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information.

With Dondè Art Gallery an investment in art is simply possible

Art is not only to be admired, it can also generate a profit.
So you’re thinking of investing in art, but you’re wondering how?

Stocks and bonds are among the most popular investment assets today, however, the stock market is subject to constant variation (especially in this period with the Covid-19 pandemic) and low-risk bonds limit the possibilities for profit very much.
In addition to the world of finance, there is also investment in material goods in the art world. Thanks to the stable prices of the works of the Italian artist Daniele Dondè, an investment is definitely interesting.

Our advice: If you are new to the market of art, you should always rely on experienced consultants.
Only experts can support you in many ways and perform reliable market analyses.
You should work with experts who, like us, have a solid “know-how” and an extensive network of contacts. Also keep in mind that an investment in art places special demands on the buyer.
However, art as an alternative source of profit brings with it the bonus of a high emotional value, which is not measurable in money.

Bet on the art of Daniele Dondè

The master Daniele Dondè (born in 1950) is the most collected Italian painter in the world. He made his name with his unique pieces “Glamour Gold”, homages to Hollywood legends such as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly.
Very often the sumptuous masterpieces of Dondè are decorated with elements such as 24K gold leaf and silver leaf, precious pearls and Swarovski crystals.

It is no coincidence that eminent contemporaries such as Sophia Loren, Rafael Nadal, Floyd Mayweather and many others belong to the ranks of admirers and proud owners of a masterpiece by Maestro Dondè

Do you believe in the exclusivity of Master Dondè's works? Now you can invest!

Do you think the renowned Italian artist Daniele Dondè is unique in the art world with his extraordinary creations?

Then consider now an investment and participate to his success!

If you have any questions about our offer you can contact us, we are always available and we will be happy to give you our advice.