Daniele Dondè is the exuberant pioneer of what has gone down in history as Faux Art.

Born in Cremona (Italy), he soon became a world celebrity, creating a universal trend based on the idea – then considered crazy – that even old paintings could be used as a basis to express new concepts in a pop key.

Since his youth he has discovered the love for art that his family of collectors transmitted to him, appreciating and continuing that noble role of guardian of universal art.

Later, an unforeseen circumstance led the artist to discover that many of the works his family had collected over many years were actually fakes.

This discovery was the key event that ignited and inspired the typically Italian inventiveness of the master which, combined with his eccentric personality, marked the birth of a completely new form of art.

Master Dondè is a romantic man and his works have always been the result of a sincere intent: since 1984 he has been creating modern masterpieces, free from the prison of museums.

Daniele Dondè: exuberance combined with Italian class.



Every master has his heir: Boris is much more than that.

The protégé of the master, Boris Dondè-Mancastroppa, has always elevated the idea of his uncle, giving it a new impetus since the beginning of the new millennium.

Born in Zurich in 1968, he began his career as a professional footballer in Basel and Schaffhausen. Since ’96 he dedicated himself completely to the world of art.

His international experience, matured thanks to his studies at the New York Academy and the numerous engagements due to the close ties of those years, led the student to give new shape to the master’s work.

The philosophical evolution and the new commercial drive of Boris have led in a few years the works of Maestro Dondè to be exhibited in Monte Carlo, Tokyo and Dubai, not to mention the recurring showrooms in St. Moritz, Vienna and Zurich and the new permanent gallery in Via Nassa, Lugano.

Thanks to Boris, Dondè’s masterpieces are known all over the world and their exclusivity has turned them into true collector’s items coveted by VIPs, connoisseurs and art lovers.

The master is the spiritual guide, Boris is the incarnation of his idea.



The DONDERO is the definitive incarnation of exuberance, interpreted in honor of Maestro Daniele Dondè.

The art signed Dondè has been recognized and celebrated for years for its exclusivity and uniqueness. From Lugano to Montecarlo, from Tokyo to St. Moritz, the Maestro’s works have found their place in the residences of the most eccentric and rebellious art collectors. The Dondè signature is the lust of those who love art in its most extravagant and exhibitionist forms, a sign of recognition of a unique personality: just like a diamond in the rock.

The fame gained by Daniele Dondè deserved a consecration and a personification. And who better than the Maestro’s heir, who has been at his side for more than 20 years, could have given it the form that befits such an eccentric artist?

This was the inspiration behind the launch of the RICH ART COLLECTION, an international success. But Boris thought this was not enough.

In fact, Boris was driven by the desire to create a truly new collection, unique in the world, to pay an homage to the Maestro and immortalize him within the history of contemporary art. At last, the inspiration due to the admiration for the Master, gave Boris a lightning “eureka”. Finally the DONDERO came to life!

Behold the definitive idol, the personification of abundance, exuberance, extreme luxury, combined with the peculiar elegance of Daniele Dondè. Luxury art has its new ambassador: the DONDERO.

“In a world of mass production,
art must remain unique.”


Maestro Daniele Dondè is born in Cremona (Italy).


The master’s Faux Art sees the light, with the aim of offering everyone a masterpiece. The history of contemporary art changes forever and will never be the same again.


During a performance in Manhattan (New York), the master is awarded the title of Professor and Doctor of Modern and Contemporary Art by the prestigious American Pro Deo State University.


Boris officially joins the master’s team. The gallery immediately benefits from the heir’s new ideas, especially during the first exhibition in Monte Carlo. It is here that the success of his legendary Marilyn Rock is consecrated.


In Bad Ragaz (Switzerland) Dondè is awarded the Euro Crystal Globe.


The unique idea of the Stradivari Rock Violin Sculptures is born from a collaboration with Academia Cremonensis.


The new permanent art gallery dedicated to the works of Maestro Dondè, run by his heir Boris Dondè-Mancastroppa, opens in Lugano in Via Nassa.


Boris’ drive for a still unique and exclusive contemporary art, leads the gallery to cross new goals. Here are the first exhibitions in Tokyo and the creation of a permanent representation in the Arab Emirates at La Villa in Dubai.


After almost 20 years of innovative gallery and event management, Boris finally takes the helm of the maestro’s now famous brand. The new target? To bring exclusive and always unique masterpieces online.